Dubai is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, offering a diverse range of attractions and experiences. Travel agencies play a crucial role in helping visitors plan their trip and make the most of their time in the city.

To start a travel agency in Dubai, one must obtain a tourism license from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). The agency must also have a physical office space and meet other regulatory requirements.

Travel companies in Dubai offer a wide range of services, including flight and hotel bookings, visa processing, transportation, and sightseeing tours. Many agencies also specialize in specific areas, such as adventure travel, luxury travel, or cultural tours.

Visitors to Dubai can choose from a variety of tourist operators based on their preferences and budget. It is recommended to check online reviews and compare prices and services offered by different agencies before making a decision.

Overall, travel agencies are an essential resource for anyone planning a trip to Dubai, helping to simplify the process and ensure a memorable travel experience.

General Steps to Start a Travel Agency in Dubai:

Decide on the type of travel agency:

You will need to choose whether you want to establish a travel agency as a free zone company, an offshore company, or a mainland company. Each has different requirements and benefits.

Choose a company name:

The company name should be unique and should not conflict with any existing trademarks.

Obtain initial approvals:

You will need to obtain initial approvals from the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai. This involves submitting an application and required documents.

Rent an office:

You will need to rent an office space that meets the DED’s requirements. The office should be located in a commercial area and meet the minimum size requirements.

Obtain a trade license:

Once you have rented an office space, you will need to obtain a trade license from the DED. This allows you to legally operate your agency in Dubai.

Register with the Dubai Tourism Authority:

You will need to register your travel agency with the Dubai Tourism Authority (DTA) and obtain a tourism license. The DTA will conduct an inspection of your office before issuing the license.

Hire employees:

You will need to hire qualified employees to work at your travel company. The minimum requirement is one Emirati employee, who will be designated as the company’s local sponsor.

Obtain visas:

You will need to obtain residence visas for yourself and your employees. You can apply for visas through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

Obtain necessary insurance:

You will need to obtain insurance to protect your travel agency in case of any liabilities.

Documents Required For Travel Agency in Dubai

To start a travel agency in Dubai, certain documents are mandatory to be submitted to the relevant authorities. These include:

  1. Trade License: A trade license is necessary to initiate any business activity in Dubai, including travel agencies.
  2. Commercial Permit: To conduct commercial activities in Dubai, including travel company services, a commercial permit is required.
  3. Tourism License: A tourism license is essential to operate as a travel agency in Dubai.
  4. Office Space: A physical office space is mandatory to operate a travel company in Dubai.
  5. Bank Guarantee: To protect customers in the event of any financial loss due to the travel agency’s activities, a bank guarantee is required.
  6. Insurance: Travel companies help to obtain insurance to cover any liabilities that may arise in the course of their business activities.
  7. Trade Name Certificate: To register the name of the tourist agency with the relevant authorities, a trade name certificate is mandatory.

It is important to note that the specific requirements and procedures may vary depending on the type of travel agency and the location in Dubai.

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