Tours And Travels in Dubai

Tours And Travels Business Setup In Dubai

The UAE’s tourism industry is on an impressive trajectory, exemplified by Dubai’s remarkable achievement of hosting 7.28 million global visitors in 2021 and another 7.12 million in the first half of 2022. In 2019, the travel and tourism sector left an indelible mark on the UAE’s economy, contributing AED 180.4 billion, equivalent to 11.6% of the nation’s total GDP. Even more enticing, this contribution is expected to soar to a staggering AED 116 billion (USD 31.6 billion) by 2027. For visionary entrepreneurs with a deep love for travel and a flair for business, launching a travel agency in the UAE is nothing short of a golden opportunity waiting to be seized.

Business Diaries is your trusted partner for a tours and travels business setup in Dubai. We offer comprehensive assistance, from market research and legal registration to licensing, permitting, and strategic guidance. With our expert support, you can navigate the complexities of the Dubai market, identify growth opportunities, and ensure compliance with regulations while focusing on delivering exceptional travel experiences to your customers. Our commitment is to help you build a successful and thriving business in one of the world’s premier tourist destinations.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to initiate a tour and travel business in Dubai?

Requirements for opening a travel company in Dubai

  1. Pay an initial approval fee.
  2. Request the approval of the company trade name.
  3. Provide an insurance policy.
  4. Provide a lease contract and travel agency’s location.
  5. Pay the tourism license fee in Dubai.
How can one initiate a travel and tourism company in the UAE?

Similarly, as with starting any business in the UAE, there are a couple of steps you want to take before you can apply for your business license.
Stage one is to lay out your business action – for example, travel agency, tour operator, travel and tourism consultancy. This action should align with one of the large numbers allowed within the UAE. To guarantee your license covers you for your picked business movement, it is smart to work with a business formation company at this stage that can propose those that adjust best to your business.
The following stage is to pick a company name. This takes more thought in the UAE than in other regions. Why? Since the UAE has a severe, yet simple-to-follow, set of naming shows. Yet again, a specialist in company formation can assist you with making sure you stick to them.


Routinely, travel service permit costs in Dubai can change from one business to another. However, it begins from about AED 15000* if the organization is possessed by a solitary individual qualified for one visa in the country.


This workspace is open to all graduates, and it is possible to enter without a degree or diploma. However, it can take time to develop the expected degree of involvement. Graduates with degrees in recreation, travel, tourism, management, marketing, IT, business, languages, or lodging and catering management may have an advantage.