Consulting Business Setup In Dubai, UAE 

Consulting Business Setup In Dubai, UAE is a large business. The worldwide consultancy market is worth an expected USD 250bn. In this area of the planet, the industry is similar to sound. Also, the management consulting market in the GCC region is valued at approximately USD 2.8 billion.

Moreover, here in the UAE, interest in consultancy services has never been higher. There are various sectors in the ascendance – everything from food, accommodation, and medical care to innovation, the travel industry, and retail – that all require the services of professional consultants.

Additionally, what makes starting a business in this region particularly attractive is how easy it is to get a trade license for a consulting company. You can choose between a professional or commercial license for consultancy services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I initiate a consulting business in Dubai, UAE?

Establish your business activity. 

Company name. 

Apply for the trade license. 

Company establishment card 

Process your residency visa 


Information technology consultancy
Architectural and engineering consultancy
Management, information, and marketing consultancy
Banking, finance, and credit consultancy
Healthcare consultancy
Legal consultancy
Lastly, Tax, accounting, and bookkeeping.


Is a consulting business a good career choice?

Becoming part of a counseling firm is one of the quickest and most effective methods of establishing a solid business organization. Furthermore, assuming that you decide to counsel in Dubai, the organization you fabricate will probably length across urban areas, nations, organizations, and different degrees of status.

Is there a need for particular qualifications or certifications required to offer consulting services in Dubai?

While there are no strict qualifications, having relevant industry expertise, certifications, and a strong track record can enhance your credibility. As a result, this can attract clients and opportunities.