Health Care Business Setup In Dubai?

The health care industry is booming all over  the world. Modern healthcare has expanded to include a variety of areas, including wellness and looking and feeling good in addition to traditional medical treatments. According to projections, the UAE’s healthcare industry would surpass $536.5 million by 2025, growing at a rate of 25 percent CAGR. Due to the lack of access to care, the increasing provider use of telemedicine increased consumer and patient demand, and improved quality of treatment, there is extreme potential for market growth. You can find out everything and you can get in touch with us to start the process.

Both the public and private healthcare systems in Dubai offer high care. Many business owners believe that setting up a company in Dubai healthcare is perfect idea as it given the availability of specialist and advanced infrastructural amenities. The chance for a healthcare business establishment in Dubai appears to be at your footsteps.


Frequently Asked Questions

Steps to Setup a Healthcare Business in Dubai?
  • Choose the Company Structure. Start your Entrepreneurship Journey
  • Set a Company Name.
  • Acquire an Office.
  • Get Approval from DED.
  • Get Approval from DHA.
  • Sign the Documents.
  • Issuance of a License.
Why Choose Health care Business?

The UAE provides multiple options like Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore to start a business this gives foreign investors best Opportunity to invest and start their business.

When is a health facility license considered expired?

The license to establish the health facility shall be considered expired by force of law in any of the following cases: The facility’s ownership is transferred to a person other than in whose name the license was issued. The facility remains closed for a period of six consecutive months without an excuse acceptable to the Medical Licensing Committee. The facility fails to commence its activity after the elapse of over six months from the date of licensing. Assembly or liquidation of the company to whom the license was issued.

Can a health facility get license or renew its license for more than one year?