General Trading License in Dubai

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General Trading License in Dubai

A general trading license in Dubai enables businesses to participate in various trading activities across multiple sectors and products. Here are some essential points:
General trading in Dubai refers to the commercial activity of buying, selling, importing, exporting, and distributing various goods and products across multiple industries. It involves engaging in trade transactions with local and international suppliers, customers, and business partners.
Also, as a global trading hub, Dubai provides an ideal environment for general trading due to its strategic location, advanced infrastructure, business-friendly regulations, and access to diverse markets. Furthermore, general trading companies in Dubai can trade in multiple product categories, including electronics, textiles, food and beverages, machinery, consumer goods, and more.
Moreover, this trading allows businesses to take advantage of Dubai’s well-developed logistics and transportation networks, enabling efficient movement of goods and access to global markets. With its free zones and mainland company options, Dubai offers various business setup structures for general trading, each with its benefits and regulations.

General Trading License in Dubai with Business Diaries

Businesses typically need a trading license from the relevant government authorities to engage in Dubai. The licensing process involves:

  • Fulfilling legal requirements, such as company registration.
  • Trade name reservation.
  • Office space leasing.
  • Fulfilling capital requirements.
  • Complying with specific regulations and industry standards.

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Process for Obtaining a General Trading License in Dubai

  • Determine the Company Structure: Decide between mainland or free zone company setup.
  • Choose a Business Name: Select a unique and compliant name for your trading company.
  • Submit Required Documents: Provide necessary documents, including passport copies, business plan, and Memorandum of Association (MOA).
  • Lease Office Space: In the meantime, arrange a physical office space per licensing authority requirements.
  • Apply for Initial Approval: Submit the application for initial approval and pay applicable fees.
  • Trade Name Approval: Obtain trade name approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED) or the respective free zone authority.
  • Prepare Legal Documents: Prepare MOA, shareholder agreements, and other required contracts.
  • Pay License Fees: On the other hand, pay the required license fees based on company structure and activities.
  • Submit Application and Supporting Documents: Complete the application form and submit it with the required documents.
  • Final Approval and License Issuance: Upon approval, the licensing authority will issue the General Trading License, allowing you to conduct trading activities in Dubai.

Cost of General Trading License in Dubai

The cost of a General Trading License in Dubai varies based on factors such as the company structure, specific activities, location, and office space. Generally, the license fee ranges from AED 10,000 to AED 15,000 or more. Additional costs include registration, office space rental, visa and sponsorship, and renewal/maintenance fees. Thus, It is advisable to consult with experts like Business Diaries or authorities for precise and up-to-date information on the costs of obtaining a license in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can a foreign investor start a General Trading Business in Dubai?

Yes, foreign investors are allowed to start a trading Business in Dubai. Furthermore, they can establish a mainland company or set up in one of the many free zones

What are the benefits of obtaining a General Trading License in Dubai?

Some benefits of a include access to a

  • strategic location,
  • advanced infrastructure,
  • diverse markets,
  • global connectivity, and
  • opportunities for business expansion and partnerships.​

What is the validity period of a Trading License in Dubai?

It is typically valid for one year and needs to be renewed annually.