Setup E-Commerce Business In Dubai.

Dubai is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in the world, with a rapidly expanding middle class and high levels of digital penetration. Moreover, Dubai’s government has implemented several initiatives to support the growth of e-commerce. Including the launch of an e-commerce platform and the establishment of free trade zones dedicated to e-commerce.

In addition, the city’s world-class transportation and logistics infrastructure provide easy access to markets in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. With these advantages, setting up an e-commerce business in Dubai can be a profitable and rewarding venture.The future of e-commerce is splendid in the UAE. Worldwide, online shopping revenues are expected practically double to US$6.54 trillion from 2019 to 2022, and within the quickly growing Middle East and North African (MENA) region, the UAE brags one the largest B2C e-commerce markets. Thanks to its over 9.5 million internet users and a 96.4% internet penetration rate, the UAE e-commerce market is expected to maintain double-digit development by the year 2022.

Assuming that you are looking to explore opening an e-commerce business in the UAE, here are some key realities you need to be familiar with its e-commerce market.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start selling online in the UAE?

To start an E-Commerce business in the UAE, we strongly recommend setting up in Dubai. As we mentioned above, Dubai isn’t simply home to 60% of the UAE’s online shoppers. It is also actively encouraging foreign investment into its e-commerce sector.

In terms of the legal environment, Dubai allows for e-commerce businesses to obtain a license to operate fairly easily. However, it should be noted that although it is a simple process, maintaining an E-Commerce business without proper licensing is illegal and procedures should be taken carefully to abide by the law.

Steps for Opening an E-Commerce Business in Dubai?

-Decide  your license type and business activities.

-Select a location for your business.

Submit your application.

Open a bank account.

Is e-Commerce legal in UAE?

The UAE passed the Electronic Commerce and Transaction Act in 2006. It covers the scope of electronic records, documents, and signatures that is related to Electronic Transactions.