General Maintenance License in Dubai

Dubai’s rapid urbanization and construction boom have led to a surge in buildings and infrastructure. Consequently, the demand for maintenance services has increased significantly to ensure these structures remain in top-notch condition. Moreover, the continuous development of residential and commercial properties attracts a need for regular maintenance and upkeep, making General Maintenance services essential for property owners and investors.

Why is a General Maintenance License required in Dubai? What are the activities covered under the General Maintenance License?

A General Maintenance License in Dubai allows a company to engage in various maintenance-related activities. The specific actions that fall under this license may differ slightly depending on the jurisdiction and regulations, but everyday activities typically covered by a General Maintenance License include:

Electrical Maintenance: Install, repair, and maintain electrical systems.

Plumbing Maintenance: Service plumbing systems and fixtures.

Carpentry and Joinery: Offer carpentry services for furniture and doors.

Painting and Decorating: Provide painting solutions for properties.

HVAC Maintenance: Install and repair HVAC systems.

Masonry and Tiling: Offer masonry and tiling services.

General Handyman: Perform miscellaneous repairs and upkeep.

Gardening and Landscaping: Maintain gardens and landscapes.

Cleaning Services: Offer general cleaning and janitorial services.

Security Systems: Install and maintain security and surveillance systems.

Flooring Maintenance: Install, repair, and maintain various types of flooring.

Glass and Aluminum Maintenance: Service glass windows, doors, and aluminum structures.

Roofing Maintenance: Inspect, repair, and maintain roofs for buildings.

Waterproofing Services: Apply waterproofing solutions.

Pest Control Services: Provide pest control and extermination services.

Swimming Pool Maintenance: Clean, maintain, and repair swimming pools and equipment.

Interior Fit-Out Services: Offer interior fit-out and renovation services.

Fire Alarm System Maintenance: Install and maintain fire alarm systems.

Elevator and Escalator Maintenance: Maintenance of service elevators and escalators in buildings.

Signage Maintenance: Install and maintain signs and advertising displays.

How to Obtain a General Maintenance License in Dubai

Business Plan: Develop a detailed and all-inclusive business plan.

Legal Structure: Choose a suitable legal structure for your company and complete the registration process with the Dubai Department of Economic Development.

Trade Name and Activity: Select a unique trade name and ensure that “General Maintenance” is your primary activity in the DED’s activity list. Alternatively, appoint a Local Service Agent (LSA) for professional company setups.

Location and Premises: On the other hand, secure a suitable place for your business activities and obtain approval from the relevant authorities.

Approvals and Permits: Obtain necessary licenses from government departments, such as the Municipality and Civil Defense, based on the nature of your maintenance services.

Trade License Application: Submit the required documents, including your business plan, trade name reservation certificate, and other relevant paperwork, to the DED for the trade license application.

Staff and Training: Likewise, hire skilled technicians and ensure they have the necessary training and certifications for their respective maintenance tasks.

Insurance: Also, consider obtaining insurance coverage for your business, including liability insurance, to protect against potential risks.

Compliance and Regulations: Conduct maintenance services while adhering to all local laws, regulations, and safety standards.

How to Start a General Maintenance Company in Dubai

Conduct market research to understand the demand.

Create a business plan outlining objectives and services.

Choose a legal structure for the company.

Get a General Maintenance License in Dubai.

Register with the DED.

Secure a suitable location for your business.

Also, hire skilled technicians for various maintenance tasks.

Comply with all local regulations.

Develop a marketing strategy.

Lastly, launch your General Maintenance company in Dubai and start operations.

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