With the freelance visa in UAE, you can work independently by starting your own business. What precisely is a Dubai freelance visa? Want to start your freelancing career in UAE? Keep reading the blog to find out how?

Freelancing has now become a widespread choice among the individuals in the Emirates. Freelance permits are now available in many free zones specialized individuals in the media, technology, and education sectors, research, customer service freelance to offer their service on a consultancy basis, even if they have a full-time job- this new initiative has become legalized by Dubai to enhance diverse skills.

The expat who aims to have a freelance visa in UAE must get a residence visa and must have a valid work permit. One should apply for a freelance work permit if you want to work as a freelancer. 

Benefits of UAE Freelance Visa:

1.Work from anywhere:

One of the best advantages for freelancers in the UAE is that regardless of which Emirate is issuing your license, you are free to work from anywhere in the UAE. You are even allowed to work from abroad, so long as the freelance license is valid. Being a freelancer in UAE doesn’t mean you have to be present in UAE in person. Instead, you can stay and work from anywhere in the world. You can get a UAE residence permit.

2.You do not need a local sponsor.

3.You can sponsor your spouse or family members.

4.The visa application is simple.

Activities permissible under UAE freelance permit:

  • Web Mobile, Software Development
  • IT and Telecommunication Networking Freelancer
  • Data Science and Analytics Freelancer
  • Customer Service Freelancer
  • Education Advisor
  • Architecture Freelancer
  • Trainer
  • Real Estate
  • Researcher
  • Marketing Specialists
  • eLearning Advisor and many more…

Documents required:

  • Passport copy
  • UAE visa and Emirates ID copy (for UAE residents)
  • The “No Objection Letter (NOC)” from your current sponsor (for UAE residents)
  • Recent passport size photo
  • Copy of resume and portfolio
  • Few government entities also require a “Letter of Intent” or at least thorough business idea.

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