Frequently Asked

What Documents Should Be Submitted For Obtaining A license In The UAE?

The basic documents required are the shareholder’s Passport, National ID (If applicable) and a Passport Photo, for both Free Zones and Mainlands. A Memorandum of Association (MoA) and tenancy contract, as well as some other government agencies’ approval, may also be required depending on the business activities. For the documents related to branch incorporation, please contact one of our experts at Choose UAE as documents for branch incorporation depend specifically on the business activity.

Is Physical Presence In The UAE Is Mandatory?

During the process of company formation in one of the UAE’s free zones, physical presence is not required. However, for the mainland company formation, it is required.

When To Renewed The Corporate Documents?

All licenses should be renewed every year in the UAE. The failure of renewal in time would follow penalties and even cancellation of all the residence visas issued for the company. 

What Taxes Should Be Paid In The UAE?

There are no personal income or corporate taxes in the UAE. However, the operative companies in the UAE should pay a 5% import duty to get the clearance of their goods from the port into the country.