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Setting Up Your UAE Company With Business Diaries

Whether they require a local sponsor (Nominee Shareholder) in Dubai is one of the most frequent queries made by first-time business owners in this region. Your nationality and the kind of business you want to launch are only two of the many variables that will determine the answer.

You will require a local sponsor as a business partner if you are a non-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) national seeking to create a company with a commercial or industrial license on the United Arab Emirates mainland. However, a local sponsor is not necessary if you are establishing up in a free zone or if your company activity is covered by a professional services license.

Business Diaries is here to help if your company does need a neighbourhood sponsor.
You must first create a mainland Limited Liability Company (LLC), of which you will own 49% and the local sponsor will hold the other 51%. Rest assured, however, that profits are not divided equally and that your local partner will have little to no influence over how your business is handled on a day-to-day basis.

For new businesses and startups, finding a local sponsor in Dubai might be difficult. A UAE national (often known as an Emirati) or a business must be the local sponsor. The corporate company must have a board of directors and be entirely owned by citizens of the UAE.

Why Dubai’s Local Sponsor & Advantage

Dubai’s Local Sponsor Selection

At Business Diaries, we are aware that the idea of partnering with a local sponsor and selling a 51% stake in their business worries many business owners. We created our corporate sponsorship service to provide you total peace of mind because of this.

It is unnecessary to spend time looking for and getting to know someone while working with Business Diaries service representatives. As an alternative, we will nominate a prestigious corporate entity to serve as your 51% local sponsor in Dubai.

Our main goal is to give you complete financial and operational control over your Limited Liability Company company while safeguarding your shareholder rights.



No interference from the sponsor


In-depth proactive contracts


Greater protection


Protection against sponsorship withdrawal