How to Start Yoga Center in Dubai

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How to Start Yoga Center in Dubai

Dubai has a large expatriate population from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Many expats come from countries where yoga is popular and continue their yoga practice in Dubai, spreading its popularity. Moreover, the city’s focus on fitness and healthy living has encouraged residents to explore various fitness activities, including yoga, to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Furthermore, the rise of specialized yoga studios and wellness centers in Dubai has made yoga more accessible and appealing to residents and visitors. Also, many companies in Dubai have incorporated yoga into their employee wellness programs, recognizing its benefits in reducing stress and improving productivity.

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Business License Process for Yoga Center in Dubai

The process for obtaining a business license for a yoga center in Dubai:

Legal Structure: Decide on the business structure.

Business Activity: Choose the specific activities your business will undertake.

Jurisdiction: Likewise, select the area in Dubai where you want to establish your business (mainland, free zone, or offshore).

Trade Name Reservation: Meanwhile, reserve a unique trade name with the relevant authority.

Application Submission: Prepare and submit the application with the required documents.

Approval and Payment: Meanwhile, await approval and pay the necessary fees.

Final Inspection: Undergo a final inspection by the relevant authority.

License Issuance: Lastly, receive your business license upon completing the process.

How much does it cost to set up a Yoga Center in Dubai?

The cost of setting up a yoga center in Dubai can differ due to various factors, including location, size of the center, chosen jurisdiction (mainland or free zone), and the services offered. Below is a simple breakdown of the potential costs involved :

  1. Trade Name Reservation: AED 1,000 – AED 2,000
  2. License Fees: AED 10,000 – AED 15,000 (mainland) or AED 15,000 – AED 20,000 (free zone)
  3. Office/Studio Rent: AED 60,000 – AED 150,000 per year (varies based on location and size)
  4. Interior Setup: AED 30,000 – AED 100,000 (including flooring, mirrors, fixtures, and equipment)
  5. Marketing and Advertising: AED 10,000 – AED 20,000 (initial promotion and online presence)
  6. Staff Salaries and Training: AED 50,000 – AED 150,000 per year (depending on the number of instructors and staff)
  7. Insurance: AED 5,000 – AED 10,000 per year (general liability and professional liability insurance)
  8. Miscellaneous: AED 10,000 – AED 20,000 (for unforeseen expenses)

The above figures are rough estimates and may vary based on specific circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it necessary to obtain specific certifications to teach yoga in Dubai?

Ensuring your instructors have relevant certifications and qualifications is crucial for credibility and quality teaching.

How can I find qualified yoga instructors for my center?

You can hire certified and experienced yoga instructors through networking, online platforms, or partnering with yoga teacher training schools.

What facilities should I consider having in my yoga center?

A well-ventilated space, changing rooms, storage areas, yoga props, and soothing ambiance are essential for a successful yoga center.