Fintech Company Setup in Dubai

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How to Setup a Fintech Company in Dubai, UAE

Dubai’s growing number of affluent individuals and high-net-worth investors has created a demand for wealth management solutions. Fintech companies offering robo-advisory services are gaining traction as they provide automated and data-driven investment advice.

Additionally, Dubai has seen a surge in fintech startups and accelerators, attracting investment and fostering innovation. These startups disrupt traditional financial services, prompting incumbent institutions to adopt fintech solutions or collaborate with startups.

Furthermore, Dubai’s vision as a smart city emphasizes digital transformation across sectors. This focus on technological advancements has spurred the adoption of fintech solutions, leading to the growth of the fintech business in the city. To conclude, the Dubai government has shown significant support for fintech initiatives, providing a conducive environment for startups and established players in the industry.

 Setup a Fintech Company in Dubai with Business Diaries

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Fintech Company Setup Process in Dubai, UAE

Research and Plan: Firstly, conduct market research. Create a comprehensive business strategy outlining your services, target audience, and growth strategy.

Business Structure: Decide on the business structure, such as LLC or Free Zone setup, considering their advantages and regulatory requirements.

Reserve Trade Name: Reserve a unique trade name for your fintech company with the DED or relevant Free Zone Authority.

Obtain Licenses: Determine the specific licenses required for your fintech activities, like Payment Services Provider or Crowdfunding License.

Meet Share Capital Requirements: Also, ensure your company meets the minimum share capital specified by authorities, which varies based on the chosen structure and license.

Submit Applications: Apply for company registration and licenses with the appropriate authority (DED or Free Zone Authority).

Local Service Agent (if applicable): Outside Free Zones, you may need a local service agent for legal formalities.

Secure Office Space: Meanwhile, find office space that complies with regulatory requirements.

Financial Reporting: Comply with financial reporting rules and maintain accurate records.

Submit audited financial reports regularly.

Open Bank Account: Open a bank account with a reputable local bank for financial transactions.

Hiring Employees: Hire skilled professionals and likewise follow UAE labor regulations.

Market and Launch: Lastly, promote your fintech services through marketing and networking. Launch your company and begin providing services.

Documents Required to Start a Fintech Company in Dubai, UAE

Here is a list of documents typically required to set up a fintech company in Dubai, UAE:

  1. Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA)
  2. Passport copies of all shareholders, directors, and stakeholders
  3. Valid UAE residency visas for shareholders and directors
  4. Moreover, Proof of address for the company’s physical location in Dubai
  5. Additionally,  a Trade Name Reservation Certificate
  6. Completed application form for company registration
  7. Detailed information and identification documents for shareholders and directors
  8. Comprehensive business plan and financial projections
  9. Capital confirmation letter from the company’s bank
  10. Also, documents supporting the source of the company’s share capital
  11. Valid lease agreement for the office space (if applicable)
  12. Application form for the specific fintech license (e.g., PSP, Crowdfunding License)
  13. Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) if applicable
  14. Lastly, a declaration of compliance with relevant laws and regulations

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Dubai have access to skilled fintech professionals?

Yes, Dubai attracts a diverse pool of skilled professionals worldwide, offering expertise in finance, technology, and related fields.

What advantages does Dubai offer for setting up a fintech business?

Dubai provides:

  • A prime location providing entry to international markets.
  • A supportive regulatory environment.
  • A tech-savvy population.
  • A growing fintech ecosystem.

How long does the setup process usually take?

The setup process duration varies based on several factors, but with expert assistance from Business Diaries, it can be streamlined for efficient completion.

What type of fintech activities are most popular in Dubai?

Digital payments, blockchain solutions, robo-advisory, and peer-to-peer lending are among the popular fintech activities gaining traction in Dubai.