How to Get a Commercial Brokerage License in Dubai

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How to Obtain a Commercial Brokerage License in Dubai

Dubai’s real estate sector is experiencing significant growth, with many projects and investments. Obtaining a commercial brokerage license enables individuals and firms to capitalize on the opportunities within the real estate market and facilitate property transactions.
Moreover, the license enables individuals and companies to offer specialized investment, insurance, business sales, and commercial agency brokerage services. This diversification of services allows brokers to cater to different client needs and expand their business offerings. Furthermore, holding a commercial brokerage license enhances the trust and credibility of brokers in clients’ eyes. Thus, clients feel more secure engaging with licensed brokers, knowing they operate within the regulatory framework and adhere to professional standards.

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The Role of a Commercial Brokerage License in Dubai

A commercial brokerage license in Dubai is a legal authorization granted by the regulatory authority, Dubai Economy (Department of Economic Development – DED), to individuals or companies, allowing them to engage in commercial brokerage activities within the emirate.

A commercial brokerage license enables individuals or entities to act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers in various commercial transactions. Moreover, it includes a wide variety of activities, such as but not limited to:

  1. Real Estate Brokerage: Facilitating the buying, selling, or leasing of properties.
  2. Business Brokerage: Assisting in the sale or purchase of businesses.
  3. Investment Brokerage: Providing investment opportunities, securities, and financial instruments services.
  4. Commercial Agency: Representing and promoting products or services of other companies.
  5. Insurance Brokerage: Offering insurance products and services to clients.

The license is required for anyone who wants to operate a business providing brokerage services in Dubai. Here are some reasons why a commercial brokerage license is necessary:

  1. Legitimacy: The license grants legitimacy to your brokerage business, ensuring that you operate within the legal framework defined by the regulatory authority.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: It ensures that you adhere to the regulations and guidelines set by the Dubai Economy (DED) to maintain transparency, fairness, and professionalism in the brokerage industry.
  3. Client Confidence: Consequently, holding a valid license demonstrates your credibility and professionalism to clients, giving them confidence in your ability to handle their transactions effectively and ethically.
  4. Access to Market: The license allows you to legally operate and participate in the vibrant business environment of Dubai, providing opportunities to connect with clients, buyers, sellers, and other market participants.
  5. Industry Recognition: On the other hand, obtaining a commercial brokerage license establishes your presence as a recognized player in the brokerage sector, potentially opening doors to collaborations and partnerships.
  6. Enhanced Reputation: Also, holding a license indicates that you have met specific requirements and standards, which can contribute to building a positive reputation in the industry.
  7. Regulatory Oversight: With a license, your activities are subject to regulatory oversight, ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, and ethical practices, benefiting clients and the overall industry.

Process to Get a Commercial Brokerage License in Dubai

Firstly, research and understand the regulations set by Dubai Economy (DED).

Develop a comprehensive business plan.

Determine the legal structure of your company.

Meanwhile, reserve a unique trade name with the DED.

Secure suitable office space that meets DED’s requirements.

Submit the business plan and required documents for initial approval.

Likewise, draft and register the Memorandum of Association (MOA) with the DED.

Provide a lease agreement (for office).

Submit all required documents for final approval and license issuance.

Fulfill any post-license requirements, such as industry registrations and certifications.

Lastly, comply with regulatory obligations related to taxation, accounting, and record-keeping.


    Documents Required for Commercial Brokerage License in Dubai

    Application Form

    Passport Copies

    Visa Copies

    Emirates ID Copies

    No Objection Certificate (NOC)

    Business Plan

    Trade Name Reservation Certificate

    Financial Statements

    Bank Reference Letter

    Compliance Documents

      Frequently Asked Questions


      What is a commercial brokerage license in Dubai?

      A commercial brokerage license in Dubai permits individuals or companies to facilitate commercial real estate transactions.

      What are the eligibility criteria for obtaining a commercial brokerage license in Dubai?

      It would help if you were 21+, have relevant industry experience, and meet qualifications set by RERA.

      Are there any specific educational requirements for a commercial brokerage license?

      Yes, complete RERA-approved real estate training courses covering laws, ethics, valuation, and brokerage.