How to Get a Coffee Shop License in Dubai

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How to Obtain a Coffee Shop License in Dubai, UAE

Dubai has seen a significant increase in the coffee culture, with people embracing coffee shops as socializing and networking hubs. The rise in the expatriate population from coffee-loving countries has also contributed to the popularity of coffee shops. Also, the fast-paced urban lifestyle in Dubai has led to an increase in the number of working professionals seeking convenient and comfortable spaces to relax and work.

Furthermore, coffee shops provide a welcoming environment with free Wi-Fi, making them ideal workspaces outside traditional offices. The coffee shop industry in Dubai has evolved beyond traditional coffee offerings. Additionally, many coffee shops now offer unique and innovative coffee blends, speciality drinks, and gourmet snacks, catering to customers’ diverse tastes. Coffee shop chains worldwide have successfully expanded to Dubai, bringing strong marketing and branding strategies. Hence, their presence has contributed to the popularity of coffee shops as trendy places to be seen.

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Process to Get a Coffee Shop License in Dubai

To obtain a coffee shop license in Dubai, follow these steps:

Business Plan: At first, create a detailed business plan outlining your coffee shop concept, target market, menu offerings, pricing strategy, and financial projections.

Choose a Business Activity: Select the appropriate license category for your coffee shop, which usually falls under “Restaurant” or “Cafeteria.”

Trade Name Reservation: Meanwhile, reserve a trade name for your coffee shop with DED.

Select a Location: Find a suitable location for your coffee shop that complies with zoning regulations and has the necessary facilities.

Obtain Initial Approval: Submit your business plan, location details, and other required documents to the DED for initial approval.

Fit-out and Health Department Inspection: Prepare your coffee shop space to meet health and safety standards.

Also, schedule an inspection with the Dubai Municipality’s Food Safety Department.

Finalize Legal Requirements: Fulfill all legal requirements, including signing the lease agreement, obtaining Ejari (tenancy contract registration), and any other documentation as per DED guidelines.

Submit Required Documents: On the other hand, prepare and submit all necessary documents, including passport copies, visa copies, NOC from sponsor (for expatriates), health department inspection report, and more.

Pay License Fees: Pay the necessary license fees and other associated costs as required by the DED.

Receive Your Coffee Shop License: Once all requirements are met, you will receive your license, allowing you to operate your coffee shop in Dubai legally.

How much does it costs to get a Coffee Shop License in Dubai?

The approximate license fees for a coffee shop license in Dubai usually ranges from AED 10,000 to AED 15,000.

Documents Required for Coffee Shop License in Dubai

Here is a list of documents typically required to obtain a coffee shop license in Dubai:

Passport copies of all shareholders and partners involved in the coffee shop business.

Visa copies of all shareholders and partners.

Emirates ID copies of all shareholders and partners.

NOC from the sponsor Proposed coffee shop name and reservation application.

Lease agreement for the coffee shop location (with Ejari registration).

Layout plan of the coffee shop premises.

Health and safety inspection report from the Dubai Municipality’s Food Safety Department.

Trade name reservation certificate.

Completed application form provided by the relevant free zone authority.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the requirements for the coffee shop location?

The location should comply with zoning regulations and have the necessary facilities.

What approvals are necessary before opening a coffee shop?

You must obtain initial approval from the DED and undergo a health and safety inspection from the Dubai Municipality’s Food Safety Department.

What is the processing time to obtain the coffee shop license?

The processing time may vary, but with Business Diaries’ expertise, the licensing process can be expedited for quicker approval.