Salon Business Setup In Dubai?

Dubai is the perfect place to launch a salon business. The emirate is home to millions of fashionable and image-conscious residents. So much so that the UAE cosmetics market is one of the largest in the region – with Dubai leading the way.

In total, the market, consisting of haircare, skincare, and more, is predicted to be worth an incredible USD 3bn by 2025. And with a growing Gen Z population, there’s good reason to expect that it will continue for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a license for a beauty salon in Dubai?
  • Submit your visa and passport.
  • Finalise a tradename.
  • Obtain the initial approval.
  • Rent a shop space.
  • Apply for the salon license.
What are the benefits of starting a salon business in Dubai?

There are many reasons to start a salon business in Dubai.

  • Benefit from an incredibly low tax environment. The corporate and personal tax rates still stand at 0%, with VAT low and flat at 5%.
  • Dubai is also a place famed for its ease of doing business. Work with a UAE company setup agent and you can be licensed to run a salon within weeks.
Types of Beauty Salons in Dubai

There are two types of beauty salon licenses in Dubai. They are:

Ladies Salon in Dubai

A women’s beauty salon or ladies’ salon in Dubai is licensed for beautification and hair care. Hair care can include hair washing, trimming, setting coloring, straightening, waving, hair fixing, and henna services.

And cosmetic treatments can include makeup and skin cleansing. They can also perform skin hair removal, facial aesthetics, foot care, nail manicures, and treatment.

Gents Salon in Dubai

A men’s beauty salon in Dubai is licensed to carry out hairdressing and other beautification treatments; hair care includes trimming, cutting, waving, dyeing, straightening, setting up, and supporting hair strength. While cosmetic treatments include skin purification, hair removal of skin, foot care, and facial aesthetic.

Is a salon business profitable in Dubai?

Yes, many factors can impact profitability. So be sure to do your research into prime locations, product suppliers, and local market need before you commit to a salon premises. For example, it may be best to start a ladies’ salon in one area, whereas another may be more suited to starting a men’s salon.